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Towel Steamer 36

by AYC
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We have towel steamers that can accommodate up to 36 towels, so we can satisfy the demands of any salon! Every steamer has shelves to optimize the amount of space available for storing towels, so that any salon may always have an adequate supply of hot towels on hand. Features include a temperature-controlled thermostat, an automatic safety mechanism that shuts down the machine, and LEDs that show when the water level needs to be changed.


  • Low water level warning & Automatic shut off
  • Utilize steam to provide sanitary warm moist towels
  • Temperature can be adjusted from 86 F to 185 F
  • Insulated walls for higher energy efficiency
  • Durable stainless-steel construction


17.3/4"L x 14.3/4"W x 12.3/8"H