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Technician Umi Stool

by AYC
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Original price $144.00
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Current price $109.00
Color: Cream
Style: Pedicure Stool 13"-15"

We are pleased to present our top-notch pedicure stool, which is intended to improve comfort and effectiveness at any pedicure station. With its chrome castor wheels, chrome lift, and five-star chrome base, this stool provides both mobility and stability. To further accommodate your salon's demands, we now provide a high piston manicure stool as an optional add-on.


  1. Chrome Five-Star Base: The stool is equipped with a sturdy chrome five-star base, providing stability and support during pedicure treatments. The base ensures that the stool remains firmly in place, allowing technicians to work with confidence.

  2. Chrome Lift: With a chrome lift mechanism, our pedicure stool offers easy height adjustment to accommodate different technicians and pedicure stations. This feature ensures that technicians can work comfortably at the optimal height for maximum efficiency.

  3. Castor Wheels: For added convenience and ease of movement, the stool is fitted with durable castor wheels. These wheels allow technicians to glide effortlessly around the salon, making it easy to maneuver between pedicure stations and attend to clients with minimal effort.

  4. Optional Add-On for Manicure Stool: In addition to the pedicure stool, we offer an optional add-on for a manicure stool with a high piston. This allows you to customize your salon setup to include both pedicure and manicure stations, providing versatility for a wide range of salon services.

Height Adjustment

13"-15" Pedicure stool

19"-25" Manicure stool

Download Manual

Download Umi Manual