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Switch Power Box for Cleo-Petra G5

by J&A
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Free Shipping - For the Cleo G5 and Petra G5 spa chairs, the Power Switch Box with cable is an essential part that makes power distribution and control easier. A power cord for connecting to the electrical supply and a switch mechanism for turning the chair on or off are usually included in this switch box. The switch box acts as the hub for controlling the spa chair's overall power supply.


    1. Power Cord: The power cord is designed to connect the spa chair to an electrical outlet. The specifications of the cord, such as length and plug type, may vary.

    2. Switch Mechanism: The switch allows users to turn the spa chair on or off easily. It is a user-friendly interface for controlling the chair's power supply.

    3. Wiring and Connections: The switch box is equipped with the necessary wiring and connections to distribute power to different components of the spa chair, ensuring proper functioning.