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Super Relax Peria Pedicure Chair

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Current price $3,395.00
Color: Grey
Spa Shell Color: Black
Free Shipping - The newest member of Gulfstream's Super Relax family, the La Peria unit, is a flexible spa option. It has an additional well crafted Bird Nest Bowl Crystal Bowl that matches the modern base design and is enhanced by either the Waterdance or the Universal Induction IDJET systems.
Gulfstream's revolutionary 360-degree adjustable footrest and the Super Relax Chair, a pedicure chair specially developed for a soothing upper body massage, are features of the La Peria Spa. The pads of the footrest can be twisted, raised, and positioned in different ways thanks to their adjustable design. Select between the conventional chrome finish or our unique gold variant. The spa has three massage options: a seat massager, strategically positioned side arms, and a relaxing roller back. A handy forward/backward button allows the technicians to make adjustments.


• Luxurious, Reliable, and Comfortable.
• Great for a manicure, pedicure, waxing, facials, and eyelash extensions.
• Three different options for massage, including the relaxing back roller massage.
• Also, it has one remote for the customer, with the seat forward/backward button conveniently placed for the technician.
• Elevate customers’ feet to a comfortable position for technicians
• Lose yourself in total relaxation.
• Virtually no pressure on the lower back
• Eliminates back pain
• Less pressure on the heart and expands lung capacity
• Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
• Increases blood circulation and oxygen flow
• Reduces swelling in the legs
• Deeper, more relax breathing
• Cures muscle tension, relax the whole body
• Improves the sleep quality
• Recommended by many Chiropractors and Doctors specialized in pain management


Download Peria Spa Manual
Download Chair Assembly Instruction