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Spider Stool Wheels

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Free Shipping - There are five components in the Gulfstream Spider Stool Wheels set. The Tech Stool, Pedi Bowl-Cart, and Spider Stool may all be used with these wheels. This wheel set guarantees that you can swiftly and effectively improve the functioning of your salon while also adding value. This well-considered service boosts productivity and improves the appearance of your salon while reducing downtime.


  1. Compatibility: Designed to fit seamlessly with multiple pieces of salon furniture, these wheels are compatible with the Spider Stool, Pedi Bowl-Cart, and Tech Stool. This wide-ranging compatibility means that you can standardize the mobility of your salon equipment, making for a cohesive and efficient workspace.

  2. Set Includes 5 Pieces: The set comes with five wheels, providing a complete solution for one piece of furniture or allowing for replacements and spares. This ensures that you can maintain the mobility and functionality of your salon furniture without interruption.

  3. Enhanced Mobility: With these specially designed wheels, moving salon furniture becomes effortless, allowing for quick and easy reconfiguration of your salon space to suit different services or to make cleaning more efficient. The smooth operation of these wheels ensures that your furniture can glide across the salon floor with minimal effort.

  4. Easy Installation: The wheels are designed for easy installation, meaning you can upgrade your existing furniture without needing specialized tools or professional help. This do-it-yourself approach saves time and money, making it a convenient option for salon owners looking to enhance their furniture’s mobility.

  5. Durability: Made to meet Gulfstream’s high-quality standards, these wheels are durable and designed to withstand the daily demands of a busy salon environment. Their robust construction ensures that they can support the weight of the furniture and the occupant without failing, providing a reliable solution that contributes to the longevity of your salon furniture.