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SaniJet S1 Sealess Jet Cover

by J&A
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Color: Black

Free Shipping - The "Pipeless SL Motor Jet Cover with Separator Cap" for pedicure spas is a component designed to enhance the performance and functionality of whirlpool systems in pedicure chairs. Here's a breakdown of its key features and specifications:


  1. Pipeless Design: The term "pipeless" indicates that this jet cover and separator cap assembly does not rely on traditional plumbing pipes to deliver water. Instead, it likely employs a more hygienic and efficient internal water circulation system.

  2. SL Motor Jet Cover: This suggests that the cover is compatible with a specific type of motor jet used in pedicure spas. The SL designation might refer to a certain model or design of the motor jet system.

  3. Separator Cap: The separator cap is a crucial component that helps to filter and separate debris from the water, ensuring that only clean water circulates through the system. This is essential for maintaining hygiene standards in pedicure spas.

  4. Color Options: The cover is offered in three color options: Gray, Black, and Beige. This allows users to choose a color that matches or complements the aesthetic of their pedicure spa setup.

  5. Compatibility: The cover is specifically designed to be compatible with dual-jet pipeless whirlpool spas manufactured after October 1, 2008. This indicates that it's tailored to work with a certain generation or type of pedicure spa system, ensuring proper fit and functionality.