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Sanijet P1 Pipeless Jet Cover

by J&A
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Color: Black

Free Shipping - For owners of pedicure spas, the Sanijet P1 Pedicure Spa Pipe-less Jet Cover with impeller provides better performance, hygienic, and decorative alternatives. When choosing a color for this spa component, make sure it matches the style of your spa and that it is compatible with your current system.


  1. Pipe-less Design: Similar to the previous description, the term "pipe-less" indicates that this jet cover assembly operates without traditional plumbing pipes. Instead, it likely utilizes an internal water circulation system for improved hygiene and efficiency.

  2. Impeller: The assembly includes an impeller, which is a rotating component responsible for creating the water flow within the system. The impeller helps to circulate the water and create the desired jetting effect for a relaxing and effective pedicure experience.

  3. Color Options: The Sanijet P1 Pedicure Spa Pipe-less Jet Cover is available in a range of colors to match different spa aesthetics and preferences. The color options include Biscuit (Beige), Black, or Gray, providing flexibility for spa owners to coordinate with their decor.

  4. Compatibility: While specific compatibility details are not provided in this description, it's likely that the Sanijet P1 Pedicure Spa Pipe-less Jet Cover is designed to be compatible with Sanijet P1 pedicure spa systems or similar models. Compatibility is essential to ensure proper fit and functionality when replacing or upgrading components in a pedicure spa system.