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Remote Control for Empress-Pacific GT - Episode SE

by J&A
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Free Shipping - The Empress GT, Pacific GT, and Episode SE pedicure chairs' remote keypad with embedded circuit PCB. This elegant, plug-in style remote keypad adds a new level of refinement and utility to your spa or salon.


  1. Seamless Integration: This Remote Keypad is meticulously engineered for Empress GT, Pacific GT, and Episode SE pedicure chairs, ensuring seamless integration with the existing systems. Its plug-in design allows for easy installation and immediate compatibility.

  2. Intuitive Controls: Experience intuitive and user-friendly controls at your fingertips. The remote keypad empowers both salon professionals and clients to effortlessly navigate through various chair functions, massage modes, and settings, offering a customizable and personalized spa experience.

  3. Embedded Circuit PCB: At the heart of the remote keypad lies a sophisticated Embedded Circuit PCB, designed to deliver reliable and precise control. This circuit board is crafted with advanced technology, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness.

  4. Casing Design: The sleek casing not only protects the embedded circuit but also adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. Choose from a variety of casing finishes, ranging from modern metallic tones to classic neutrals, allowing you to align the remote keypad with your salon's aesthetic.

  5. Plug-In Convenience: The plug-in design simplifies the installation process, making it a hassle-free addition to your spa chairs. Enjoy the convenience of enhanced control without the need for complex setups or modifications.