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Power Wire for Toepia GX-N

by J&A
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Free Shipping - The Toepia GX-N Type Power Wire is responsible for connecting the Main PCB (MFG#352078) to the power source, facilitating the transmission of electrical power to various components within the pedicure spa massage chair. This connection is crucial for the chair's overall functionality and operation.


  1. Power Transmission: The wire serves as a conduit for electrical power, ensuring that the Main PCB receives the necessary power supply to operate the chair.

  2. Secure Connection: The connection is designed to be secure and reliable, minimizing the risk of disruptions in power transmission.

  3. Compatibility: The power wire is specifically tailored for use with the Toepia GX-N model and is designed to connect seamlessly to the designated port on the Main PCB (MFG#352078).

  4. Safety: The wire is typically designed with safety features to prevent electrical hazards and ensure user safety during operation.