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Power Connecting Wire (Recline Piston) Cleo/Petra G5

by J&A
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Free Shipping - One part that makes it easier to connect electricity to the reclining actuator mechanism is the reclining Actuator electricity Cable with the Green Color Coded Connector found in the Cleo G5, Petra G5, and G5 Chair models. The green color-coded connector, which is unique to the reclining actuator system in these chair models, is intended to guarantee correct and secure coupling.


  1. Power Transmission: The cable is responsible for transmitting electrical power from the power source to the recline actuator, enabling the controlled movement of the chair's reclining mechanism.

  2. Color Coding for Identification: The green color-coded connector is used for easy identification, ensuring that the cable is connected to the correct port on both the recline actuator and the power source.

  3. Secure Connection: The design of the connector and cable is intended to provide a secure and reliable connection, minimizing the risk of disruptions in power transmission.

  4. Compatibility: The cable and connector are specifically designed for use with the Cleo G5, Petra G5, and G5 Chair models, ensuring compatibility with the recline actuator system.