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Piston for Mani and Pedi Stool

by PSoA
Original price $49.00 - Original price $69.00
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$49.00 - $69.00
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Style: Low Piston 6.28"

Free Shipping - Users may quickly and easily discover their ideal seating height because to the smooth and simple height adjustments made possible by the precise engineering used in the construction of each piston. In addition to adding durability and improving aesthetic appeal, the chrome finish ensures long-lasting performance in demanding salon situations.

With our Hydraulic Center Piston for Mani & Pedi Stools, you can easily customize your salon seating to accommodate the demands of both technicians and customers, regardless of whether you need low, medium, high, or extra-high seating options.


  1. Low: With a height range of 6.28 inches, the low piston is ideal for users who prefer a lower seating position or require easy access to lower surfaces such as pedicure bowls or footrests.

  2. Medium: Offering a height range of 8 inches, the medium piston strikes a balance between low and high seating positions, catering to a wide range of users and salon settings.

  3. High: With a height range of 8.48 inches, the high piston provides elevated seating, suitable for users who prefer a higher vantage point or need to reach higher surfaces comfortably.

  4. Extra High: Designed for those requiring maximum elevation, the extra-high piston offers a height range of 15 inches, providing ample lift for tasks that require a raised seating position or for users who prefer a lofty perch.