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Piston for Gulfstream Stool

Original price $59.00 - Original price $95.00
Original price
$59.00 - $95.00
Current price $59.00
Style: Height 60 MM

Free Shipping - The Gulfstream Pedicure, Manicure, and Bar Stool are indispensable pieces of furniture for any contemporary salon environment because of their unmatched adaptability and dependability, whether used for pedicures, manicures, or bar-height applications.


  1. Pedicure Height: The stool is set to the ideal height for pedicure stations, ensuring technicians can work comfortably and efficiently while attending to clients' feet. This height option prioritizes ease of access to pedicure bowls and footrests, facilitating seamless service delivery during pedicure treatments.

  2. Manicure Height: Adjusting to a slightly higher position, the stool provides optimal comfort for technicians performing manicure services. This height option accommodates the ergonomic needs of nail technicians, allowing them to work at the perfect level for precise and meticulous nail care.

  3. Bar Height: Transforming into a taller configuration, the stool becomes suitable for use at bar counters or reception desks within the salon. This height option is ideal for creating a welcoming and stylish seating area for clients while they wait or engage with salon staff.