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Pedicure Massage Top - Leather Cover FX

by AYC
Original price $450.00 - Original price $2,095.00
Original price $450.00
$450.00 - $2,150.00
Current price $450.00
Color: Black
Style: Leather Cover Set ONLY

Free Shipping - You need the NEW FX Massage Chair! With a plethora of innovative features that will significantly enhance both your and your clients' experiences, this new design for pedicure spa massage chairs, created and produced in Taiwan, is a breath of fresh air! Compared to our previous versions, the FX chair has a few more features including a built-in bag hook, a UV coating that improves both its acetone and scratch resistance, and a "Restore" function that makes cleaning and shutting much simpler! Additionally, we have made basic improvements to the operation of the massage, such moving the rollers around the client's back, intensifying the pressure, and providing additional alternatives.


  • Cover set cushion has double layer of fabric to lengthen the lifetime. The seat is 1 in higher in the front to support the thighs, and the cover set is designed to cradle the body. The cover set is acetone proof, and scratch resistant. 
  • The pistol style armrest has patent pending, and it has a poly coat and a UV coat for extra protection from acetone, nail glue, etc. The tray is built with a shape that allows for more working space for a manicure to be given simultaneously with the pedicure. The armrest can stay at any angle when being moved, and if it becomes lose over time, you can tighten by removing the armrest, which can be removed by loosening one screw.  
  • The chair top reclines to 130 degrees, which is further than any other chair on the market. 331 lb. weight capacity and UL certified. 
  • 2-year warranty, and DC motor lasts about 5-9 k hours. The rollers can massage the lower back, which no other chairs are able to do. The massage rollers stick out from the back of the chair, allowing for a deeper massage.  
  • The chair is very easy to service: 1 screw to take off the armrest, 4 screws to take off the back, 4 screws to remove the PC board. Also, the mechanism itself can be easily removed, as well as the complete back of the chair. 
  • Magnetic sensor with 10 times more life than the mechanical limit switch. Also, there is two back of safety features to protect the mechanism if the sensor stops working. If the magnetic sensor does not work, then the rollers would go off track and hit a buffer, and then the PC board limits the power to the rollers so it will not damage the chair.  
  • PCB supplier is the same supplier as iPhone. Industrial level massage motor design with life span of 5000 plus hours. The chair also has a built-in convertor, so it can be used in any country with just a plug change (100-240V AC). Motor power all supplied by low voltage 24V DC system, which is safer.  
  • Upgrades: USB mounting port can be installed on the back of either armrest

Additional Specs

  • 1. Seat - 19.5x20.5x4 in
    2. Seat back - 2x23x36 in
    3. Armrest to Armrest (inner) - 21 in
    4. Armrest to Armrest (outer) - 27 in
    5. Armrest Tray to Tray (Outer) - 45.5 in
    6. Tray - 8.5x16.5x.5
    7. Arm (Full) - 27.5x3.5x12.75 in
    8. Chair has 6 inches of movement using remote adjustment
    9. Mounting Bracket - 12.5x14x3.5
    10. Pillow - 1.5x17x9.5
    11. Pillow also has 14 inch Velcro Draping for Attaching to Cover Set


39"L x 31"W x 40"H