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Pedicure Bench Footrest Bar

Original price $36.00 - Original price $49.00
Original price
$36.00 - $49.00
Current price $49.00
Style: Paris Bench

This Pedicure Bench Footrest Bar is uniquely designed to improve the comfort and usefulness of your Paris, Tiffany and Kimberly pedicure benches. During pedicure treatments, customers need this premium footrest bar to ensure the best possible support and relaxation. 


  • Optimal Support: The footrest bar is meticulously designed to offer stable and comfortable support for clients' feet during pedicure treatments. Its ergonomic structure ensures clients can relax and maintain a comfortable position throughout their session.

  • Adjustable Height: Featuring adjustable height settings, the footrest bar allows for customization to suit each client’s comfort level. This feature also aids technicians by positioning the feet at an optimal working height, enhancing efficiency and reducing strain.