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Main Wire Cable for DC Motor - Travel Sensor Board

by J&A
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Free Shipping - In the Cleo G5, Petra G5, and G5 Chair Models, the Massage System Main Wire Cable connects the PCB to the DC motor and Travel Sensor Board. This cable is an essential part that enables power transmission and communication inside the chair's massage system. This cable ensures that the massage operations are controlled and coordinated by connecting the main circuit board (PCB) to the travel sensor board and the DC motor.ion.


  1. Power Transmission: The cable transmits electrical power from the PCB to the DC motor, enabling the motor to drive the massage mechanisms.

  2. Sensor Communication: It facilitates communication between the PCB and the Travel Sensor Board, which is responsible for monitoring and controlling the travel or movement of the massage components.

  3. Integration with Control System: The cable is integrated into the chair's control system, allowing users to operate and customize the massage functions through the chair's interface.

  4. Durability: Designed with durability in mind, the cable is built to withstand continuous movement and usage associated with the massage system.

  5. Compatibility: The cable is specifically designed for use with the Cleo G5, Petra G5, and G5 Chair Model.