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Lenox GS Pedicure Spa Bowl

by JA
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$2,995.00 - $2,995.00
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Frame Trim Color: Nickel
Glass Bowl Color: Champagne Gold

Free Shipping - Lenox® GS Portable Spa combining the elegance of our sculptural, glass bowl with efficiencies of a pipeless whirlpool system. The same Glass Bowl which magnanimously adorns the Lenox® GS Pedicure Spa is now available separately with its own pedestal to seamlessly assimilate with your custom Pedicure Spa Design.

-Instrument clusters are positioned at one easily accessible location.
-Convenient single faucet handle for hot and cold water control.
-Showerhead has dual spray functionalities.
-Pedestal is decorative with solid structural stance.
-Comfortable Footrest.
-The "Hard Roc" proprietary Glass Bowl, is formulated to add beauty and solidity to the Glass, the former through its innate glass characteristics and the latter through its tempered process for strength and safety.
-The base is equipped with MagnaJet magnetic Pipeless Whirlpool which promotes sanitization while providing optimal whirlpool experience.

Lenox GS Pedicure Spa Bowl Features

Water capacity - 5.5 US gallons
Operation Switches - On/Off air activated switch
Whirlpool System - Magnet Jet Pipe-Less System
Discharge pump - 115V, 3.2Amp, 60Hz (optional)
Electrical service – 120V, 60Hz, 15 Amp GFCI protected ground circuit must be used to supply power to the pedicure spa.
Plumbing Source - Hot & Cold Water: 0.5 inches (fitting included)
Drain Connection – Using 1-1/2 in. PVC drain pipe and appropriate trap, connect drain to meet local plumbing.
Certification – UL approved