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Flexible Hose for Discharge Pump

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The pedicure chair's flexible 1/2" hose improves the discharge pump's effectiveness. This custom-made hose is designed to offer optimal water drainage, assisting your pedicure chair's discharge mechanism in operating smoothly and consistently.


  • Flexible Design: The hose is designed to be flexible, allowing for easy routing and installation in various configurations. Its flexibility ensures that it can navigate tight spaces and bends without kinking or obstructing water flow.

  • Efficient Water Transfer: The hose ensures efficient and smooth water transfer from the pedicure chair’s basin to the discharge pump, preventing blockages and ensuring a consistent flow. This helps maintain a hygienic and functional salon setup.

  • Secure Connections: The hose is designed to provide secure connections to the discharge pump and drainage system. It minimizes the risk of leaks and ensures a tight, reliable seal, contributing to the overall efficiency of the pedicure chair.

  • Standard Compatibility: With its standard size, the flexible hose is compatible with any spa pedicure chairs and their discharge pumps. It integrates seamlessly with the chair’s plumbing system, ensuring easy replacement or installation.