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Facial Beauty Chair & Wooden Armrests w/ 3 Motors

by ANS
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A "Facial Beauty Chair" is usually a specialty chair intended to let patients undergo face treatments in comfort. "Wooden Armrests" denotes that the chair's armrests are composed of wood, which may increase its longevity in addition to their visual attractiveness.


The inclusion of "3 Motors" suggests that this chair is motorized and adjustable in multiple ways, likely offering various positions for optimal comfort and convenience during treatments. These motors might control the chair's height, tilt, and backrest adjustment, allowing the therapist to customize the chair's configuration based on the treatment being administered and the client's preferences.

Overall, a Facial Beauty Chair with Wooden Armrests and 3 Motors would likely be a high-quality and versatile piece of furniture suitable for professional beauty establishments aiming to provide premium services to their clients.