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Emma Kid Pedicure Chair

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Color: Rose

Presenting the Emma Jr. Pedicure Chair, a fun treat for kids of all ages! This chair, which comes in rose, blue, and snow white, has an LED light strip running down the base, a footrest, and a fiberglass basin. It is strong and acetone-resistant, promising durability. With this comfortable and colorful pedicure chair, you may enhance the quality of your mommy-and-me time spent connecting with your kid.


  • Colorful Options: Available in cheerful rose, calm blue, and classic snow white, the Emma Jr. provides various color options to match any salon interior or to simply cater to the preferences of your little guests. These fun colors can make the pedicure experience more appealing and exciting for children.

  • LED Light Strip: An LED light strip runs down the base of the chair, not only enhancing its appeal with a modern touch but also captivating the children's attention, making their salon visit unforgettable. The light strip can also serve as a soothing element, especially for kids who might be nervous about their first salon experience.

  • Comfortable Footrest: The chair includes a footrest designed for smaller feet, ensuring that children are seated comfortably throughout their pedicure. This attention to ergonomics is crucial for a positive experience, as it mirrors the comfort and consideration usually reserved for adult clients.

  • Durable Fiberglass Basin: The fiberglass basin is not only sturdy but also acetone-resistant, promising durability against the harsh chemicals often found in nail salons. This makes the Emma Jr. a long-lasting investment for your business, ensuring that the chair remains in excellent condition over time.

  • Acetone-Resistant Materials: Understanding the salon environment, the Emma Jr. is built with acetone-resistant materials, safeguarding it from spills and splashes that are part and parcel of nail treatments. This feature ensures that the chair maintains its vibrant color and integrity, despite frequent use.


53"L x 26"W x 49"H

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