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Butter Cup Kid Pedicure Chair

by AYC
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Color: Pink

A great illustration of how salon equipment may benefit both the technician and the client is the "Butter Cup" kids' pedicure chair. It's the ideal choice for any salon that want to serve families because of its emphasis on safety and hygiene as well as its kid-friendly features. Salon owners may increase the services they provide, attract more clients, and create a safe and enjoyable environment for parents and children by investing in one of these chairs. "Butter Cup" is a prudent addition to any salon that welcomes families, and a one-year limited guarantee is offered to further protect the quality and longevity of this investment.


  • Reliable Vibration Massage: This feature adds a touch of luxury to the pedicure experience, making it enjoyable and relaxing for kids. The gentle vibration is designed to be pleasant and soothing, providing a fun experience that can help calm any nerves.
  • Fine Quality Ultraleather Upholstery: The use of high-grade ultraleather not only gives the chair a premium look and feel but also ensures durability. Its acetone-resistant property is crucial in a salon setting, where spills are common, maintaining the chair's appearance and integrity over time.
  • Adjustable Footrest: The ability to adjust the footrest to three different heights with minimal effort is a significant advantage. This flexibility allows technicians to easily find the most comfortable position for each child, ensuring a better experience for the client and convenience for the service provider.

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Butter Cup Kid Manual