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Beauty Facial Bed w/5 Motors

by ANS
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A Facial Beauty Chair with Wooden Armrests and 5 Motors represents an even more advanced and versatile piece of equipment for professional beauty, spa, or medical settings. This type of chair is designed to offer unparalleled comfort and adjustability for clients while providing practitioners with the flexibility and control needed for a wide range of facial and beauty treatments. Here's a breakdown of its features and benefits:


Having five motors significantly increases the chair's versatility and the precision with which it can be adjusted:

  1. Height Adjustment: One motor may control the overall height of the chair, making it easier for practitioners to work without straining their backs and for clients to get on and off the chair.
  2. Backrest Tilt: Adjusting the backrest angle can help in accommodating various treatment positions and ensuring client comfort.
  3. Seat Tilt: Tilting the seat can help in adjusting the client's posture for different types of facial treatments or to enhance relaxation.
  4. Legrest Adjustment: A motorized legrest can aid in elevating the client's legs for certain treatments or to improve circulation during longer sessions.
  5. Tilt Function: The entire chair might be able to tilt backward or forward, offering further adjustability for specific treatments or to assist clients who have difficulty sitting up from a reclined position.