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Air Ventilation Kit Spa

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This kit appears to be designed to enhance air quality and ventilation in a salon environment, aiming to reduce inhalation exposure and promote a healthier space for both customers and salon technicians. The kit includes components such as chrome adjustable heads, flexible pipes, and instructions for installation.


  • Components:

    1. 2 Chrome Adjustable Heads
    2. 2 Flexible Pipes (2-inch diameter, 72 inches long)
    3. Installation Instructions
  • Purpose: The DIY Air Vent System is designed to provide room purification, aiming to minimize inhalation exposure to airborne particles and create a healthier environment within the salon. This can contribute to reducing health risks for both customers and salon technicians.

  • Adjustable Heads: The chrome adjustable heads suggest that the ventilation can be customized to direct air in specific directions, allowing for flexibility in the system's setup.

  • Flexible Pipes: The inclusion of flexible pipes, with a 2-inch diameter and 72 inches in length, indicates adaptability in configuring the ventilation system to fit the salon's layout and requirements.

  • Installation Instructions: The provided instructions guide users through the installation process, ensuring that the DIY Air Vent System is set up correctly for optimal performance.