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AC Motor Switch Wire

by J&A
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Free Shipping - Component developed for J&A pedicure spa chairs with a full massage mechanism is the AC Motor Trigger Switch with Wire Set. Its main purpose is to stop the massage system's gears from moving past predetermined boundaries. By ensuring that the massaging mechanism runs within predetermined boundaries, this safety feature helps to avoid any potential problems or harm.


  1. Limitation of Movement: The switch is configured to detect the position of the gearbox within the massage mechanism and triggers when it approaches or reaches predefined limits.

  2. Prevention of Overextending: By preventing the gearbox from moving past certain limits, the switch helps avoid overextension, which could lead to damage or malfunctions.

  3. Safety Mechanism: This component serves as a safety mechanism, contributing to the overall safe operation of the massage system in the pedicure spa chair.

  4. Integration with AC Motor: The switch is integrated with the AC motor, ensuring that it can effectively control the movement and prevent exceeding specific limits.

  5. Wire Set: The accompanying wire set is designed for secure and reliable connections, facilitating communication between the switch and other components.