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9660-9661 Massage Up-Down Motor

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The Pedicure Massage Up/Down Motor enhances the functionality and adaptability of your Gulfstream Pedicure Chair Model 9660/9661. Chair movements are effortless thanks to this specialist motor's smooth and precise adjustments.


  • Smooth Vertical Motion: The up-down motor is engineered to provide smooth and controlled vertical movements. This ensures that the massage nodes can accurately target different areas of the back, delivering a comprehensive and effective massage.

  • Adjustable Speed and Intensity: The motor allows for adjustable speed and intensity settings, enabling a customized massage experience. Clients can choose their preferred level of intensity, whether they desire a gentle massage or a more vigorous treatment.

  • Quiet Operation: Designed for quiet performance, the up-down motor operates silently, ensuring a relaxing and peaceful environment in your salon. This feature is crucial for maintaining a serene atmosphere for your clients.

  • Easy Integration: Specifically designed for Gulfstream Pedicure Chair models 9660 and 9661, the up-down motor integrates seamlessly with the existing massage system. The precise fit ensures optimal performance and maintains the aesthetic and functional integrity of the chair.

  • Enhanced Client Experience: By providing precise and controlled vertical movements, the up-down motor enhances the overall massage experience. Clients can enjoy a more targeted and effective massage, helping to relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation.