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OS - Sterilizer - I

OS - Sterilizer - I
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Free Shipping - Check out this excellent quality UV sterilization cabinet for salon tools and various other supplies. Use this for all your salon care products for a professional UV treatment to aid in disinfection. This unit uses ultra violet light for sterilization of brushes, sponges, scissors, clippers, and many other salon tools. It is an integral part of basic hygiene for any shop. To set this unit apart from competing models, manufacturers provide dual functioning knobs. The top knob will allow you to activate the top and bottom light individually or have both on simultaneously.

Don’t miss out on this convenient counter top, light weight model. The unit also features a standard USA plug with 110v electricity. Trust us; this is the unit you will need in your shop or home. So whether you are a seasoned stylist or looking to start a new career, this sterilizer will help you reach those goals. You must order now for fast shipping from USA seller.

Spacious inside

Durable tray insert

No assembly required

Lightweight & compact design

Dual functioning knobs for added convenience

2 separate UV bulbs for maximum sterilization of your tools