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Free Shipping - This compact single-pot wax heater is universally sized to fit most industry standard 14 oz or 16 oz wax pots. Additionally, provided is an individual liner pot so you an easily place your desired amount of soft wax or wax beads in for easy clean up melting without placing the whole pot in the machine. The heater melts your waxes for depilatory treatments. With an adjustable temperature range of 0-80 Degrees Celsius (32-176 Degrees Fahrenheit) you have complete control over the temperature and consistency of your wax.

Universal Design: Designed to fit most brands of 14 oz. wax cans.

Includes Liner Pot: Includes one individual liner pot so you only have to heat as you need - instead of the whole can

Easy to use Heat Temperature Control Switches: Provides fine-tuned control over your wax temperature and consistency.

Metal Body and Pot: Don't settle for plastic when you can have a durable metal machine

Removable inner wax pot: For easy cleaning and portability

4" Diameter Pot-Mouth Size: Generous 4" Pot Mouth provides plenty of room for filling and dispensing wax.

Dimensions: 9" x 7-1/2" x 8"

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