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OS - Double Wax Warmer - J

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Free Shipping - Designed to fit most brands of 14 oz. wax cans. Two Individual Liner Pots: Included are two individual liner pots so you only have to heat as you need.

Double-Pot Warmer Convenience: So you can warm wax for multiple treatments or for large area treatments such as the legs.

Individual Heat Temperature Control Switches: Provides fine-tuned control over your wax temperature and consistency. There is a temperature switch for each pot so you can customize temperatures based on your needs

Metal Body and Pot: Don't settle for plastic when you can have a durable metal machine

Removable inner wax pots: For easy cleaning and portability

4" Diameter Pot-Mouth Size: Generous 4" Pot Mouth provides plenty of room for filling and dispensing wax.

Dimensions: 14" x 7-1/2" x 8"