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Discharge Pump Kit with Control Box

by AYC
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Free Shipping - A complete solution for quick and easy draining of your spa's pedicure chair basin is provided by the discharge pump kit with timer control box. It offers a dependable and user-friendly way to keep a clean and sanitary salon environment with its integrated components and warranty coverage.


  1. Control Box with Timer: The control box features a timer function, allowing for precise control over the discharge pump's operation. This timer can be set for a duration of 2 minutes, ensuring that the pump runs for the appropriate amount of time to drain the basin effectively.

  2. Outlet UL: The kit includes a UL-listed outlet for safe electrical connection, ensuring compliance with electrical safety standards. This outlet is designed to provide power to the control box and discharge pump motor.

  3. Air Button: The air button serves as a user interface for activating the discharge pump. When pressed, it triggers the pump to begin draining the basin, providing a convenient and user-friendly control mechanism.

  4. Drain Assembly L Trap: This component is essential for the proper drainage of water from the basin. The L trap helps prevent backflow and ensures that water flows smoothly out of the basin and into the discharge system.

  5. Discharge Pump Motor: The heart of the kit, the discharge pump motor, is responsible for pumping water out of the basin and into the drainage system. This motor is designed for reliable and efficient operation, ensuring effective drainage after each use.

  6. Discharge Pump Power Cord: The power cord provides electrical connectivity between the discharge pump motor and the control box, enabling the motor to receive power and operate as intended.

  7. Rubber Connectors: The kit includes both small and large rubber connectors, which are used to connect the discharge pump motor to the drainage system and ensure a secure and watertight seal.

  8. PVC Tubing: Five pieces of PVC tubing are included in the kit, which are used to route air from the air button to the control box and discharge pump. This tubing facilitates the pneumatic operation of the air button and ensures reliable communication between the control components.