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Stool Wheels

by AYC
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With our set of wheels, you may improve the furniture in your nail salon's use and mobility. These wheels are a great option for busy salon settings where mobility and convenience are crucial due to their universal compatibility and sturdy design.


  1. Universal Compatibility: These wheels are carefully crafted to fit most nail salon stools and technician chairs, ensuring widespread compatibility across different brands and models. Whether you have a hydraulic stool, a rolling technician chair, or a pedicure cart, these wheels are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing furniture.

  2. Smooth Mobility: Our high-quality wheels provide smooth and effortless mobility, allowing technicians to move around the salon with ease while attending to clients. The smooth-rolling action ensures minimal noise and vibration, enhancing the overall salon experience for both technicians and clients.

  3. Durable Construction: Constructed from durable materials, our wheels are built to withstand the rigors of daily salon use. The sturdy design ensures long-lasting performance, providing reliable support and stability for your salon furniture.

  4. Easy Installation: Installing our nail salon stool wheels is quick and hassle-free. Simply attach the wheels to the base of your stool or chair using the included hardware, and you're ready to roll. No specialized tools or professional assistance is required, allowing you to upgrade your salon furniture with minimal effort.

  5. Convenient Set: Each set includes five wheels, providing a complete solution for outfitting your salon furniture with reliable mobility. Whether you're replacing worn-out wheels or upgrading your existing furniture, our set of wheels offers convenience and value.